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Ojai Group Inc.

Commodity Consulting

Tim Gilks - President

Attended University of New Brunswick and University of Memphis.

He has 30+ years’ experience, in the food industry in the commodity and general food procurement. A strong background in futures markets on Wheat, Coffee, Sugar, Oils and livestock has been developed both fundamentally and in technical analysis.

Grandma Lee’s Bakery and Eating Places - Purchasing Manager Food and Equipment.

Country Style Donuts / Buns Master Bakeries / Maple Leaf Foods - Director of Purchasing

MR. Sub- Director of Purchasing

Tim Hortons - Vice President of Purchasing and Commodities

He spent his entire career managing commodities, including Coffee, Wheat, Corn, Sugar, Cocoa and Edible Oils as well as all other ingredients and Equipment sourcing.

Don Schroeder. - Director Business Operations

He graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Laws in 1969 and subsequently received his Master of Laws degree from the Osgoode Hall Law School in 1978.

Tim Hortons

- Lead legal counsel

- President of Tim Horton Children’s Foundation

- Created the Sustainable Coffee Program

- THI Board of Directors

- President and Chief Executive Officer

He has also been an active partner in Ojai Futures Trading Inc. where his 30 + years of experience in the foodservice industry are a valuable resource in consulting and advising foodservice chains and manufacturers on futures and options markets in order to control their input costs.